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Authentic, Honest, and Raw Storytelling.

Vienna based photographer and film maker capturing real emotions, the charm of imperfections and the beauty of the ordinary.

I'm a storyteller

and I'm here to tell your story!


Don't just take my word for it

We love love love the photos! Honestly, they capture so carefully and sensitively moments of joy and thinking and laughter and you paid attention to details that are beautifully subtle. It's as if you'd given each single person in this room their unique moment of attention!
Uni-Verse / Book Release Party
Myriam was an absolute pleasure to work with. Decisive and adaptable, Myriam knew exactly what she wanted and instructed her crew and talent with poise and warmth. Myriam has a wonderful eye and understands what she wants and how to achieve it, regardless of the location. I had a lot of fun working with Myriam and would recommend her cinematographer skills extensively!
Jen / Short Film
Shooting with Myriam is definitely one of my favorite activities. Besides all her background knowledge on how to take wonderful pictures, what I definitely like most about her shootings is the very pleasant atmosphere. Not only does Myriam manage to take the perfect snapshot of you, but her guidance on how to be relaxed and most natural, undoubtedly creates very authentic pictures. All this then gets topped with her very good sense of humor which made me feel completely comfortable.
Alex / Portrait
Myriam creates a relaxing atmosphere in her shootings. She not only manages to make you forget that a camera is there but she is also talented in taking pictures that aren't staged and thus offers very naturally looking pictures. Apart from producing fun shootings which aren't staged, Myriam also never falls short of bringing new, creative ideas into her shootings. I definitely recommend Myriam to those who are looking for professional looking pictures and also yearn for a fun shooting experience!
Jules / Portrait
Working with Myriam is more. Because she is not your typical photographer. Not just a person behind the lens. She feels and understand you. Collaborating with you. Making it not a shooting, but an experience. Simply put: Myriam is brilliant!
Christina / Portrait
Ich fands total cool, dass du so hidden snaps gemacht hat. Vielleicht hab ich aber auch einfach nur vergessen, dass die Kamera da war, denn genauso sind wirklich schöne Bilder entstanden. Du hat ein Auge für gute Plätzchen und gutes Licht. Und Spaß hat man sowie die ganze Zeit mit dir!
Alina / Portrait
06 / 06